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Although the politicians and economists are trying to convince you the economy is back on track and everything is getting back how it was before the recession, that's not how it feels on the ground. Most people are still carrying too much debt and struggling to make ends meet. During these difficult times, you cut out all the discretionary payments and come down to the necessities. Unfortunately, one of the more expensive is car insurance. Every State in the Union has financial responsibility laws and you are required either to buy an insurance policy or to prove you have the resources to meet claims and/or pay bills. Failure to comply is a criminal offense, and if you're caught on a public road without insurance coverage, there are fines to pay. In some states, the court takes your vehicle away until you prove you have insurance. All this puts pressure on people to buy. So how best to do so?

It all starts with getting as wide a range of car insurance quotes as possible. To understand what the average premium rates are in your state and where the savings can be found, you have to explore the quotes system. That means making multiple requests for car insurance quotes using different replies. So, for example, you can get a set of quotes looking at the effect of increasing the amount of the deductible you accept, or of adding collision and comprehensive cover to the basic liability cover. Until you have shopped around, you have no basis on which to judge when any particular car insurance quote is good value. Without comparisons, you're just guessing.

The downside of this is the need to work. You're going to spend time going through the process on this site many times. On each cycle through the system, you're going to change one of the factors to see what happens to the annual premium rate quoted. Once you have all this information, you're in a position to judge whether you're being offered good value for money. Remember the insurers are not generous by nature. The default is for car insurance quotes not to give you all the discounts to which you might be entitled. Run through the list of discounts and check whether you are being given the benefit. If not, pick up the telephone and make polite inquiries. That's the best way to find affordable coverage.

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