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Car Insurance Quotes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)

Minimum State Insurance Conditions Wisconsin

25 / 50 / 10 (maximum the policy-holder pays the allowable) benefit paid per state following)

Personal injury insurance for the motorist: $25,000

Personal injury protection for all individuals in an accident: $50,000

Property damage protection per claim: $10,000

WI Car Insurance Information

WI Vehicle Insurance Information

A true Midwestern stone, WI is famous for its rich farmland, industrious work force and amazing scene. In the asian area of the condition, an urbanized region extending from Milwaukee to Green Bay features numerous roads that snow over in the wintertime, making for dangerous driving. Towards the west and north, rugged ranges of hills bring visitors in all time, lots of whom run in to difficulty on unknown back roads.

Unfortunately, the states brutal winters and high prices of both uninsured and dui lead to high annual premiums, on the purchase of $1,786 per yr or $149 per month. 15 % of the states drivers are uninsured, which is both a reason and consequence of the high prices. The silver lining is that Iowa has a coverage; prices would probably be actually higher without it.

Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

Minimum protection requirements for customers in Iowa are pretty low, at 20/40/10. In this scenario, this means $20,000 of per-individual injury liability coverage; $40,000 of pervehicle injury liability coverage; and $10,000 of property damage liability coverage. These amounts are reduced when compared with other states, which might help make Iowa more inexpensive for auto insurance than it might be otherwise.

Auto Insurance Companies

Drivers who was raised in Wisconsin know there are scores and scores of familyrun insurance organizations across the condition that flourish on offering value and getting the trust of the clients. The demand for numerous insurers dates back again to the states agricultural past, when farmers couldnt travel quite much from their property. Now, this equals increased opposition and consequently amazing offers for the states drivers! There are lots of nationallyrecognized insurers in Iowa as well, notably in cities like Madison. To be able to bring clients, they also must reduce prices to compete.

Free Auto Insurance Rates For WI

Both life-long residents and firsttime tourists trying to find bona fide WI cheese need a great insurance plan to safeguard against the unfamiliar.

Fortunately, finding free quotes on the web at is as just as inputting a zip code in the research box and pressing a switch! Competitive rates are offered from a large number of national and nearby agencies, ensuring that every Wisconsin driver gets the most effective insurance deal.

Auto Insurance Rates

Wisconsins motorists spend a mean of $1,786 per yr for their auto insurance. That produces the condition 1 of the 10 most costly states for insurance nationwide. The nearby states of Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois are all cheaper than Wisconsin. Luckily, the states drivers will obtain the top auto insurance deals possible at a comparison resourse like this, where its possible to conserve hundreds of dollars annually!


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