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Car Insurance Quotes in Portland, Maine (ME)

Minimum State Insurance Requirements Maine

50 / 100 / 25 (maximum the policyholder pays the allowable) benefit paid per state following)

Personal injuries insurance for the motorist :$50,000

Personal damage protection for many individuals in an accident :$100,000

Property damage coverage per claim: $25,000

Maine Vehicle Insurance Information

Maine citizens are urged to compare automobile insurance rates from many different providers prior to purchasing anything. Studying the Maine vehicle insurance advice on plan types, coverage needs and alternatives for combining coverage will establish the top policy for your money paid.

Maine Vehicle Insurance Info

Motorists in Maine deal with congested freeway traffic along the shore, especially between the towns of Bangor and Tigard. The roads are turning and the upper Appalachian Mountains present dangerous road circumstances, particularly in cold weather. Slight mishaps happen with frequency, but transporting the appropriate insurance while driving is crucial to avert not only significant penalties from police employees but additionally the enormous price of spending for injuries and home damage. Insurance regulations in Maine are forced to the greatest degree, and motorists found using an automobile without the mandatory liability insurance and uninsured driver protection face harsh fines.

Auto Insurance Minimal Requirements

Maine has among the greatest minimal amounts of responsibility insurance in the country. Motorists should take a minimum of $50,000 in safety to protect injuries sustained by persons resulting from the covered. Twice this number should be carried to protect the medical costs connected with all accidents to nonfault parties per injury, and another $ 25, 000 should be carried to spend for problems to vehicles and home belonging to innocent patients. Uninsured motorist protection must be also carried by vehicle owners in Maine. This regulation has led to an incredibly low amount of drivers carrying no insurance whatsoever. In Maine, less than 5 % of all automobile operators are driving without liability insurance, among the lowest rates of any condition in the nation.

Automobile Insurance Companies

Maine is house to a few regional insurance suppliers offering uninsured driver protection, collision and extensive, and full protection for liability. The leading insurance companies found elsewhere are also certified to market policies in Maine. Consumers are motivated to move online and evaluate the prices between many various providers. Some of the neighborhood and regional insurance firms sell policies just to state citizens, and provide some of the cheapest premiums accessible for safe drivers. If discretionary coverage is preferred, for example injury protection and a greater number of liability safety The customer will be asked by insurance companies.

Free Auto Insurance Rates For Maine

Should they so want clients can alter the number of the deductible, select from several different quantities of responsibility protection, and include personal injury protection, while shopping online for auto insurance. The state requirement is reflected by the Maine car insurance information given above, but consumers can pick any sum to find out how much it raises monthly premiums. For a fast, free on-line auto insurance quote, go here.

Auto Insurance Costs

Insurance consumers will need to evaluate quotes provided on line and contact the company for additional info on how best to lessen prices. Maine is among the priciest states when it comes to automobile insurance costs, with passenger cars costing about $1,800 per yr to ensure with an entire responsibility and crash package. Drivers can frequently save a whole lot on insurance costs by addressing multiple automobiles, adding teen motorists to the parents coverage, or combining automobile insurance with lifestyle, health or homeowners protection. Contacting insurance suppliers which market all kinds of protection is a good idea to understand how much could be saved on a policy.


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