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Do you know what they say about the General tire? It is the only tire
designed for driving enthusiasts. Well, before you begin to
argue with that; remember they have been in business since 1915. From the
start, they have been industry leaders in performance, all-weather, and SUV
tires. If you have a taste for the finest things in life, you already know that
General tire is in the top 10 list.

What sets General Tire apart from the pack?

It is not easy being the leading force in a very competitive industry.
But that is what have done and continue to do. You would
be tempted to ask what keeps them going and performing at the
highest helm.

Here is what they do differently from the competition:

·Focus on durability and safety: no one wants to keep spending
on truck and car repairs for tires year in year out. That is why longevity is a vital aspect in
auto tires. Safety is one thing everyone would have it only in
one way, and that is being safe.

·Relentless investment in development and technology:
Technology is in constant change, and the rubber industry has not
been left out. It takes a keen eye on such changes and coming up with new
products to meet the needs of the present-day driver. Without that, it would be
near impossible to be ahead of the competition.

·Originality: A tire, regardless of the brand may seem the same to many
of us, but there are more distinctions than the eye can see. With an em
phasis on unique and original tire materials, General Tire has secured the top
spot for all these years. It is one thing that keeps customers coming their way
despite a galore of other brands out there.


General Tire is not a master of all tires but for sure maintains a leading
position in a few sections. And here are a few options
that are General Tire’s mainstay:

·All season tires: Altimax and Ameri series are your all-weather options. You will get top performance in conditions
that are not extreme.